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Jerky Flavors

We offer 6 different flavors of naturally smoked high quality beef jerky. 


"No" to Liquid Smoke. "Yes" to Naturally Smoked.

Our jerky is 100% naturally smoked. This means that we don't use liquid smoke of any kind or add any type of natural smoke flavoring. It might cost us more, but it's worth it for you!

Thick Strips of Meat.

Our thick stips of jerky are hand-cut for quality and taste. You don't have to worry about chopped and formed stuff. We make jerky only from quality beef cattle, so there is no need to chop it up to make it seem tender. This meat is the real deal. 

Clear Oxygen Resistant Packaging.

Our bag isn't blown up to look bigger. Intelligent cutomers know what they're buying and how much they're getting. We have nothing to hide or deceive you about. Our jerky is on display all of the time through our clear packaging because we know that quality and transparency sells. 

100% American Beef.

We will never compromise our commitment to the consistent quality of beef we use for our jerky. We have a product that is 100% American all the way around. 

Smoked with 100% Mesquite wood.

If you have not tried REAL mesquite smoked products, you are in for a real treat. Hickory has it's place but not for jerky. Hickory wood just doesn't compare with the taste of real mesquite smoked products.