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People have been talking for quite some time about our incredible beef jerky. 

Here is a collection of past comments.

After getting a snack craving while at work today, I drove down to the corner Flying J to grab something to get me through the rest of my day. I grabbed a bag of Jack Link’s BBQ jerky and was headed to the register when I saw a display of your jerky. I was initially interested because the sign said “made in Utah”, so I grabbed a bag of “Original Beef” to try. I figured “hey, if I don’t like it, I’ll let my coworkers eat it and I’ll still have my Jack Link’s. I opened your product first and was very impressed! The smoky flavor is exceptional! After downing about half the bag I decided to tear into the Jack Link’s. I pulled out a nice, big piece, took a bite, and was repulsed instantly by the texture. Dry… mushy… nasty… I guess I never noticed jerky tasted like this before. I chocked down that one piece and went back to the good stuff. I hope my coworkers will enjoy the Jack Link’s, because they’re not getting any of my Mountain Ranch. Ok… maybe just a taste, so they can know what they’re missing. Heh heh heh

Thanks for ruining every other brand of jerky on the market for me… ;)

Never let anything change the way you make jerky.
    - Dan, UT

Thank you so much! I value your customer service and will definitely send my friends your way! - Jennifer, Colorado

I just had to write and tell you I absolutely love your jerky.  Your jerky is so tender and has the best flavoring. I think your jerky is the best I have ever had.  - Jessica, Idaho

WOW!! What awesome jerky, absolutely the best.  Trust me when I say this, I love jerky and have tried just about every brand.  Your jerky is the best, absolute quality and taste, sure perfection!  Keep up the good work!
    - Michael, UT

Thank you for the outstanding customer service you provided.  You have made a loyal customer out of my family!
     - Casandra, Utah

I had heard a lot about your jerky, but then I actually tried it.  Wow!  Absolutely THE best jerky I have ever tasted.
     - Stephen A., Idaho

This is how jerky should be!  Great flavor, great beef! Your pepperoni sticks are right up there with your jerky!
     - Dave, Utah

We were on our way through Utah and we stopped to get something to eat.  Not only was your food excellent, but your jerky and pepperoni sticks are the best we've ever had.  We'll be calling you soon to order more!
     - Knighton Family, Florida

Today I received the Beef Jerky that I ordered.  Now, I have people camping outside of my office waiting to get their hands on some. None of that "Big Box" Store junk for me anymore!  This stuff is the Bomb. Keep up the good work.
P.S. When are the pepperoni sticks going to be available to purchase online?
      - Sam Robinson, Burlingame, CA

Found your jerky at Sportsman's Warehouse, it's about time they started selling great jerky!!
    - Kenny, Topeka, KS